13203 Track Day

Thursday 20 September, 2012 | By SNTRL

Track Days are always awesome because it provides an opportunity to bring together racers for one main purpose: To Race. No waiting behind lines and lines of strangers. Grudge matches? No problem. Cool down time. No problem. No rushing  when getting things setup, just the way you need it to be when you run down that 1320 feet. There are numerous advantages to private events, and 13203’s Private Track day at Lebanon Raceway was no different.

An annual event that honors a fallen teammate and close friend, NHswaps aka Nick Haines, 13203 hosts their private track event to bring together drag racers to do just one thing. RACE. Whether you are racing an Import, Euro, Domestic, a Liter-Bike or even a Dragster, this is a day to get your runs in, within an environment that is all about sport and love for the game.

SNTRL’s Norman Midence, found himself getting zero hours of sleep the night before the track day, after attempting to cover a late night event on the streets. After a long night, Norm went straight from the Bronx to Connecticut with his friend Marco where he caught up with Matt Burke and the rest of the 13203 family, who was prepping for the track day. Working on only a short nap during the 2-hour drive from Connecticut to Lebanon Raceway, he went right to work as 13203 along with various other teams and racers that hailed from multiples places including Connecticut, New York and Canada lit up the quarter-mile.

Shout-out to some notables who participated in the 13203’s private track event, KJ Built, Showtime Automotive, Ttmotorsports, K-Tuned, 203/860/413, LVD and of course the 13203 crew.

“Ain’t no talking, just bring the cars and let’s get it poppin, you know what it is” – Hollywood Showtime.

Enjoy the photo coverage, and be sure to check out the rest of the photos in the full gallery below.

In addition to Norman M. Photography on the scene, Norm’s friend, Kevin Rosario aka 4-Banger Productions brought the event to life on the interwebs with his video coverage.

Check out over 11 minutes of awesomeness, as Lebanon Raceway got live.

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