We all love stickers.

Friday 06 February, 2015 | By Pravan


Call it whatever you like, liveries, vinyl stickers, or decals its all synonymous with the car community. Used to rep’ a crew, a frequented blog or as sponsorship promotion, stickers are great especially if done right. Last year, our very own Edo designed the Itasha style theme for Darren’s drift S14 and it came out amazing.

Personally, I love collecting stickers of brands I support but I’m always hesitant to put it on my car in fear of having it too cluttered. One boy who loves stickers probably more than me is Bubby Everson. Unfortunately he has been diagnosed with Cytomegalovirus (CMV) which he contracted at birth. Despite treatment, the disease is a terminal illness. One thing that can help him through his illness and its stickers. His birthday is coming up on February 11th and he isn’t asking for something impossible and knowing the car community probably has plenty of stickers lying around consider sending him some! His parents have setup a PO box to receive mail. Please see below to send something to lift his spirits on his birthday.

Attention: Bubby Everson
P.O. Box 1142, Graham, WA 98338

For more information please check the original new piece.

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