Vintage Skylines

Saturday 23 August, 2014 | By Edo


JDM Legends! That’s right, today we have a photo set of a couple of legendary machines that we happened to come across on US soil. Not one, but two beautiful vintage Skylines! We found ourselves in front of these immaculate examples of the earlier times of Japanese car life while visiting Chicago earlier this year. A Kenmeri and a Hakosuka (KGC-10 2000GT-X). Interesting aspect about seeing these cars in person, you just can’t stop looking at them. Once you come face to face with vehicles that are decades old, you can only imagine the places they’ve been, people they’ve inspired, and the memories they’re a part of half way around the world. “Respect Your Elders” is pretty much the caption of choice when any car blogger on earth posts up a photo of a classic machine, and with good reason. Without cars like these, who knows where the car scene would have been today, or if it would have ever existed as it does now. Lets take a moment to appreciate these pristine Skylines via the exceptional photos of SNTRL Fam: P R A V A N Photography. Enjoy!








Had to photobomb! HAHA!



The Nostalgic Grains wooden shift knob is a perfect match for this interior. So clean! People with newer cars take note (me included!).





Much respect to the owners of each of these Skylines. It was a pleasure to see them in person and bravo to you for keeping them in this condition!

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