SNTRL x WekFest Presents The PreGame – Part 1

Friday 29 August, 2014 | By Ken


Another PREGAME to WEKEAST for the books!

Now in it’s third year, The PreGame, the Official pre-meet to WEKFEST New Jersey, took us on a tour of the streets of NYC. Each year we have done The PreGame, the tour has always adjusted to changes in traffic conditions, construction roadwork and a constant effort to improve upon the past years event. For 2014, we mapped out a new route after several sleepless nights of driving around Manhattan. With the goal of having an organized cruise on the smoothest possible roads for our functional, bagged and static friends, we laid out the plans for proper locations, the routing and the photographer locations. We work to ensure that everyone that was involved would have the smoothest evening possible.

Along with an awesome group of people that made up The PreGame this year, we were blessed with some beautiful weather on this fine summer evening. The previous days had been filled with rainy conditions, and leading up to Friday night, the clouds were out in full force. But the forecast had called for zero precipitation, and temperatures hovering in the low 70’s. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we got. On the streets of New York City, it was a calm, chill evening, but huge protest around the city in the night before had us a bit worried about traffic conditions and the possibility of a police presence giving us a hard time.


Our first location had The PreGame starting out at the famous, Vraceworks Harlem Meet location. Always an awesome location for photos and capturing the essence that is Harlem, our good friends at Vraceworks worked together with us to help organize the first meet location. Although Vraceworks has a good relationship with the local businesses at this location, we can’t control the decision making of the local authorities who politely told us that we were not allowed to congregate. Unfortunately as with any organized meet/cruise on public streets, Murphy’s Law is something that always manages to prove true. Even though the start of The PreGame appeared to start out with some “bumps in the road”, thankfully, that was the worst of things for us on this night.

As a backup, we directed everyone to head to a nearby McDonald’s. Flashbacks of old McDonald’s car hangouts before the days they were called “meets” came to mind, seeing so many dope rides parked door to door and bumper to bumper in and around the parking lot. As you would have expected though, this couldn’t last long before the authorities once again asked us to move.
















Cops Cops Cops!! Well, that’s stretching it a bit since everyone left the lot in a relaxed, peaceful manner once we were given orders by the local authorities to leave.



And the run begins!





Edwin appears to be an EVO fan.


A short break to regroup gave everyone an opportunity to chat and get some photos.























Edwin of SNTRL holding it down and briefing everyone on The PreGame’s route.



Cult rally? Nah. Just making sure things go smoothly for everyone. THIS IS HOW WE LIVE.













The homie Brandon rode on one-wheel for nearly the whole run from uptown to downtown Manhattan.









A quick stop at Lincoln Center for all the art and music fans out there.



Rob of Vraceworks always rockin’ that 24k!



As we made yet another regrouping stop together, this beautiful IS300 decided to cool for a moment.







After the second regroup, next stop…..TIMES SQAURE!










Ice Cream break? For some guys, they just couldn’t resist. Make it quick guys!



Anthony aka HALCYON PHOTO was feeling the heat tonight. This guy was doing work! If you haven’t seen his video coverage yet, click HERE.




Can you see it in the distance? Yep, those bright lights of Broadway and the Crossroads Of The World await us!



Stay Tuned for Part 2 of THE PREGAME coverage!

Photography by:  Jeffrey Liu Photography | Siva Images | Pravan Photography | Kenny Bascon Photography | Chinzo Photography

Words by: Kenny Bascon

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