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So it’s time to revisit our road trip to Chicago! Think of the phrase “summer road trip” and images of being stuck in the back of a minivan asking your parents if you have arrived yet or images of scavenging for loose change with your college buddies usually comes to mind. A few weeks ago, we embarked on a road trip to visit some of our friends in Chicago and also enjoy Offset Kings. We had the pleasure of meeting and becoming great friends with the JDMChicago/4 Star Society crew a couple of years ago when they came to NYC for the original SNTRL “PREGAME”. This time, it was our turn to head to their neck of the woods. Pravan organized the cruise with some of the local NYC crew to head out to the Midwest. Friday night after work, we hit the road in our buddy Mike Styles’ newly purchased Tacoma. Passengers in size order: Willy (Datsun Badass), Pravan (Photographer Extraordinaire), Mike Styles (Jack of all trades) and Myself (Edo the SNTRL weirdo).

Part 1 is the cruise, enjoy!





We left a bit earlier than the rest of the crew, so we decided to wait up a bit in order for us to cruise together. Around 1am or so at Intercourse, PA (Not a joke, haha), we pulled over for a much needed recharge. Eventually, we heard the familiar rumble of tuned machines approaching. Just who might this be? None other Da Mayor himself, Kenny Chan, arriving with Dom in their clean 370z’s.






Shortly after, Nawshin arrived with his sick Voltex EVO + more friends. Then it was time to hit the road again.








We caused a bit of trouble at this waffle house in Ohio Thanks for the mugs! Off we go again, driving through dawn.






I must have dosed off a bit. My travel mates accused me of sleeping like a baby but this is false I’m sure. We were suddenly in Indiana fast approaching our destination. We made our final refuel stop before the last leg of the journey. Pravan, always armed with camera in hand, captured a few shots of the Z’s in the am.






Above, the trusty Tacoma parking wherever the F it wants. Below, some interesting pillows for those lonely nights on the road…anyone want us to do a collab with this company? HAHA


Off we went, no more pics of the journey, we were dead tired at this point. Most of this part of America looks like this anyways…


Finally, we arrived in Chicago and were greeted by a familiar face…


Stay tuned for part 2!

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