NY Toyoteros – Cars United for JAPAN

Tuesday 12 April, 2011 | By Ken

Toyoteros for Japan

On Sunday, April 10, 2011, the New York Toyoteros showed their support by hosting the Cars United for Japan event at Sprain Ridge Park in Yonkers, NY. All proceeds raised from this event will be donated to the American Red Cross for the relief efforts in aiding Japan.


NY Toyoteros brought together some of the sickest old school JDM Toyotas, alongside OG gangster JDM rides represented by Datsun (present-day Nissan for all the youngins), Mazda, as well as some of the newer JDM rides. These rides embody the passion that is put into each project, each build and the appreciation for what Japan has given us to love.

Cars United for Japan was about more than just JDM rides. It was about bringing together all car enthusiasts and their families. Everyone gathered to show support for Japan. It was a great thing to see everyone come together and show love and appreciation.

Big shout out to the New York Toyoteros for putting together an awesome event for a great cause. If you’re like us and love these types of rides, check out the NY Toyoteros website and their facebook page for more goodness.


SR20 heart beats strong in this Toyota. 🙂


Celica winking at me.


Custom Datsun 510 Wagon! Imagine seeing this bad boy next to you at a light.


ET Street Datsun. 😡


1st gen RX7 rollin with the ‘Rollas


Lunatic Lowriders showing some love


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  • biohazard 1988 sprint

    the show was hot toyotas, datsun, suzuki forsa, rx7 and many more, be ready to see them this summer @ a show near you, thanks to ken for the pics.

  • Toyoterounidos

    The show was great big shoutout to NewYork Toyoteros and everyone that came out help and support japan red cross…..From Toyoteros Unidos perth amboy toyota club

  • Kenny

    Yea..the show as on point. If you love JDM and you love old school, it was heaven!!


    Good turn out and we would always support a good cause TEAM NEW YORK STREET REVOLUZION

  • Robles1218

    im try to contact pls any club member of toyoteros i have 8 old toyota from 67 to 82 pls contact me my name is pete and my cell is 917 991 3817 thanks