Tuesday 25 December, 2012 | By Clive

In today’s world of car culture, it seems as if we have forgotten about our fellow man. I am writing this post today because a friend, fellow car nut, a son, a boyfriend, ETC. is not able to be at home for Christmas.  About 2 weeks ago Justin Rivera went into a Coma. After numerous test doctors still have not found what is causing this.  Today I type this not as a request for sorrow, but as a request for all of us to remember those that are not able to be with you for this holiday. I myself had to deal with a similar situation with my mother. She was sick and in the hospital for almost a year, and had to be  revived twice. I am very blessed that she is still here to give me a hard time. As for Justin every day that passes he shows signs of improvement. He has opened his eyes and response’s to pain, but he is not fully out of the woods yet. Thankfully Justin has been surrounded by many of his friends, his family, and his Girlfriend Cassidy. Cassidy is one dedicated young lady, after hearing about Justin’s condition she left her own family on vacation to be by his side. She has stood by the saying that behind every strong man stands a strong woman.  So today as it is Christmas eve, and you anticipate spend tomorrow opening presents and spending the day with you family, please give a little pray for My friend Justin, and his family. We all hope he makes it out of this, and is back to cruising the streets with all of us.

We all need to remember our fellow man, no matter what it is we do. We all depend on each other, for support, friendship, and love. Without it we are nothing.

I would also like to add that there is a Facebook group for Justin with updates and info about what is going on to support him. I am so pleased to see there is 1167 people in this group, a lot of them have never met Justin but are showing their support. It is humbling to see this kind of support. If you would like to join and leave a comment or contribute Please go to the link that is added.

May you find comfort in knowing
many of us are caring about you
and we hope good health will be
restored to you soon.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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