FlyAutoMotion: Grand Opening

Monday 06 October, 2014 | By Pravan

I think one of the cornerstones of the car community involves the sheer number of interesting people who share a common interests. Never has something been able to surpass economic, religious and racial lines and it is this love for cars that builds a community. I can think back to the first time I met Sean and we spoke about our shared love for Hondas. We both were influenced by a purist take on building cars and that less was more but what was more important was the quality of parts used for our cars. From that time on, we have grown to be friends and when I heard he along with his partner Jay were opening their own shop, it could mean only one thing and that was quality parts for the local community. That is exactly what is needed in NYC, where so many shops carry mediocre or at worst inferior parts carelessly throwing around “JDM”. Finding people who have shared vision, drive and concept is rare and both Sean and Jay exemplify this ideal in using quality parts and not cutting corners. On behalf of SNTRL, we are super proud of Sean for taking a leap of faith on passion and running with it. Lets admit it, we have all dreamt of starting something like this. Last week FAM had their grand opening and the number of clean cars that attended were representative of the population FAM will serve.















































Fly AutionMotion is located at:
2865 Long Beach Rd.
Oceanside, NY 11572
Tele No. 516.442.1878

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