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    East Coast Bash 2015 Celebrating 13 Years of ClubLoose and 50 Years of ETown, East Coast Bash 2015 went down on May 23rd and May 24th with a whole bun

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    With so many dope photos from Springfest 2015, we decided to throw up a Part 3. As always, we enjoy capturing the essence of the enthusiast and the cr

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    So Christmas has now come and gone and for many of us we got many things we wished to get. For many sneaker connoisseurs, Christmas came early when ma

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Sunday 19 September, 2010

Gold Coast Concours/

Gold Coast Concours show took place on September 12, 2010 in Glen Cove, NY, where downtown streets were closed off to host the show which was just incredible. What made the show incredible was the quality of the cars outside and the cars inside the parking garage. It was great to see such a huge…

Sunday 19 September, 2010

Across the Board – Autism Awareness

Take a skateboard, an artist, and bring them together for a good cause and what you get is Across the Board – Artist for Autism Awareness. What do you get when you take raw skateboards and put them in the hands of some of the most talented urban artists to do as they please? A…

Sunday 19 September, 2010

Bakerz FMP Meet

Bakerz FMP Meet September 5, 2010. This was an “end-of-the-season” close out meet for 2010, and it definitely went out with a bang. We got there quite late in the day after I suffered a pretty bad hangover from the night before, celebrating a close friend’s birthday. I was supposed to break-night and head straight…

Sunday 19 September, 2010

All Out Call Out at the WAR ROOM

Street Dance Battle crews and individuals took their chip-on-their-shoulder to the War Room in Brooklyn to take care of business. Shout out to Funktion Productions, www.innacityarts.com, BreakerNYC.com! Shout out to DJ DP One for keeping the flow going all night. I loved the atmosphere there. Straight cyphers all night. One of the highlights was a…

Saturday 18 September, 2010

NIKE SB P-Rod + Crew at Rucker Park

NIKE has been doing big things lately in the NYC, and in particular Rucker Park. This summer, they brought a crew of inspiration to the streets of Harlem in the form of Paul Rodriguez, Yongess Amrani, Shane O’Neill, Daniel LeBron, Ishod Wair, Theotis Beasley and Erik Koston. P-Rod and the rest of the NIKE SB…

Saturday 18 September, 2010

Liberty VIP Car Club ‘BLACK’ Car show

BLACK was a summer 2010 joint that was presented by East Coast VIP Car Club, Liberty. It was their first VIP car show. I headed over there as soon as I heard about it, because quite frankly, I have a thing for VIP cars. I was not disappointed in the the show. These cars were…