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    East Coast Bash 2015 Celebrating 13 Years of ClubLoose and 50 Years of ETown, East Coast Bash 2015 went down on May 23rd and May 24th with a whole bun

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    With so many dope photos from Springfest 2015, we decided to throw up a Part 3. As always, we enjoy capturing the essence of the enthusiast and the cr

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    So Christmas has now come and gone and for many of us we got many things we wished to get. For many sneaker connoisseurs, Christmas came early when ma

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Tuesday 19 October, 2010

Spotted: Concrete Immortalz truckin it!

Friday 15 October, 2010

What Up Jay Graffiti Jam

I’ve been a huge fan of 123KLAN for years. I first found them while looking up the latest work by Cope2 a few years ago. They’ve been my fav artists ever since. They recently posted up this vid on the BANDIT-I$M blog. A new What up Jay? installment featuring the Bronx artists COPE2, INDIE, and WANE. Along…

Friday 15 October, 2010

Cut&Paste NYC

What do you get when you set up 4 macs in a room of full designers that are eager to win big? You get Cut&Paste! Now you may be asking, isn’t that just something I do on my PC? Well, yes, but its also the name of the only traveling live competition that gives designers…

Thursday 30 September, 2010

Rotary Factory 2010 at 5POINTZ

Street culture and passion. What does that mean anyway? People throw those terms around so much that we’re desensitized as to what it means to represent the streets. These days you have tons of marketing campaigns talking about ‘Street’. Some companies even claim to be a ‘Street culture’ brand. That may hold true for some…

Thursday 30 September, 2010


I’ve been a big fan of SUPAKITCH & KORALIE for a while. I first discovered their artwork about 4 years ago while checking out computer arts magazine. After checking out that mag, I must’ve spent hours checking their art on different design/street art sites and books. Whenever I wanted to find some sort of inspiration…

Sunday 19 September, 2010

M3 Reflections