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    East Coast Bash 2015 Celebrating 13 Years of ClubLoose and 50 Years of ETown, East Coast Bash 2015 went down on May 23rd and May 24th with a whole bun

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    With so many dope photos from Springfest 2015, we decided to throw up a Part 3. As always, we enjoy capturing the essence of the enthusiast and the cr

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    So Christmas has now come and gone and for many of us we got many things we wished to get. For many sneaker connoisseurs, Christmas came early when ma

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Tuesday 07 December, 2010


123KLAN have been on top of their game as of late. Sick collabs with other artists, new site design, awesome BANDITI$M products and more. As you know, we’re big supporters of anything and everything 123KLAN. The flow is just so proper. Here’s their latest cut with SCIEN & KLOR, ISHAM, and ZEK. Follow 123KLAN on…

Monday 06 December, 2010

HITOTZUKI – The Firmament

So the other night I was chatting with my friend, art blogger Yuki, about well, art. It all started with chats about the new mural Kenny Scharf was putting up on Houston. Asking if she saw it, what she thought, and so on. Then I sent her a link to the Supakitch & Koralie video…

Friday 03 December, 2010

BlackSheep – Oliver’s SCupra

The first time I saw Oliver’s Lexus SC, I was in front of Bridge Auto Parts Store under the hood of my EVO changing out a vacuum line when I heard a car roll up in the parking space next to mine. I was so involved with what I was doing that even though I…

Friday 12 November, 2010

First Class Fitment

Canibeat First Class Fitment, what can I say? One of the best shows I’ve been to in a while – thats what. Finally a show thats about the quality cars and just plain old cool people. I haven’t been to a car show in years. Largely in part because most of them are lame. Bikini…

Monday 08 November, 2010

The Underbelly Project

If you’re from NYC or have ever lived here, I’m sure you’ve wondered or heard about some old abandoned train station at one point or another. Rumors about underground cities are nothing new. Recently though, there have been more and more talks about this Underbelly Project. A mysterious 100 year old underground location in NYC…

Saturday 06 November, 2010

Ironlak Team Australia + COPE2

One thing I love about the BX, you can always find the sickest Graffiti done by artists from all over the world. This past summer, the Ironlak crew hit up the boogie down and linked up with the true Bronx legend, Cope2. Just by saying that, you already know some official shit is about to…