Thursday 17 January, 2013

Japan Street Life

Japan street life. Ever since the days of Tokyo Extreme Racer on my dreamcast, car life after dark in Japan is something that I was always fascinated with. So much so I ended up traveling to Japan a few times to get immersed in this culture a bit more. Looking at the photos JDM magazines…

Ryan Tuerck Formula D Atlanta

My boy Ryan Tuerck explains Formula D in ATL – Enjoy!

Saturday 19 May, 2012

Keep Drifting Fun


Earlier this week, the KDF (Keep Drifting Fun) crew released their documentary after much anticipation. As the drifting scene continued to grow a few years back, it seemed things were getting interesting, for what some may say, the wrong reasons. Lots of drama always circled the random forums and facebook pages on the net. Everything…