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Tuesday 05 August, 2014

A day in Chi–town

So where were we? Ah yes, we had just arrived in Chicago after our 12+ hour drive. Exhausted, but excited to finally be in town, we headed over to our friend Sam’s place to meet Darren and his crazy SNTRL S14. Darren left a day before we did and unfortunately had a bit of an…

Monday 03 March, 2014

Boyza Thailand’s 5th Anniversary

Check out a couple of awesome photos from SNTRL’s “Eik Shot” over in Thailand while he attended Boyza Thailand’s 5th Anniversary event. “ALL VTEC LOVER” “Double Lemon Lime”

Wednesday 24 April, 2013


After a mild economic slump in the mid 1980’s, Japan’s economy started to boom after 1986, beginning a period of a strong growth. For the people of Japan, the benefit was enjoying a higher standard of living. Now we aren’t here to discuss economics, but it does give some background to the history of the…

Friday 29 March, 2013

Chillin’ at TARMAC

It’s the day of 2 of the biggest Spring kick-off meets in NY, the Bakerz meet and March Madness, and what did I do? Miss them both! The SNTRL Fam was out in full force at both events, but since I had prior engagements that morning, I was going to be late… I met up…

Depth of Speed: Taking the Plunge
Monday 23 July, 2012

Depth of Speed: Taking the Plunge

Every Monday before getting the week going in full swing, I usually try to find something inspiring or motivating to get me into work mode. Something about cars always seems to do the trick. This time around it was this video, Taking the Plunge. I missed out on it when it first dropped but as…

GReddy BenSopra 35RX GT-R
Tuesday 17 January, 2012

Greddy Bensopra 35RX GT-R

Have you heard of BenSopra? They’ve been the talk of the town as of late. Their kit for the GT-R is a full wide body conversion that requires heavy modification to your GT-R. Simply put, if you go BenSopra, there’s probably no turning back. According to the guys over at Hellaflush, the kit goes for…